Private Investigator Burnley

Burnley Detectives provide professional private investigator services throughout the UK with offices located across the country, including Burnley.

As the forefront private investigation agency in the UK, you can feel confident that Burnley Detectives hold the experience, knowledge, and capacity to provide you with an unrivalled private investigation service and achieve the results you need.

Burnley Detectives offer a broad range of professional private investigations services and work with all manner of clients from private individuals to global corporations.

Burnley Detectives are in Burnley and ready to help you now with whatever issue you need to address.

Private Investigator Services in Burnley

Burnley Detectives can provide any investigation service you require and will tailor a package to your exact needs.

Examples of the types of work we are undertake are:

  • Sweeping (Bug finding and removal)
  • People tracing
  • Surveillance
  • Lie Detector Testing
  • Use of or guidance on surveillance equipment
  • Background checking
  • GPS tracking of vehicles
  • Process serving
  • Corporate Investigation
  • Employee investigation
  • Fraud investigation

And many more other services, dependent on your circumstances and requirements.

Why choose Burnley Detectives Private Investigators in Burnley?

We are leading and most established and experienced private investigation agency in the UK; if you want a professional and successful investigation undertaken, Burnley Detectives are the only agency you need to know.

Burnley Detectives attract and employ only the highest calibre of private investigators with the experience and background to provide the most effective and reliable private investigation services.

Burnley Detectives always operate in a legally compliant and ethical manner so you can feel reassured that no work undertaken for you will result in legal challenge or penalty.

Burnley Detectives are situated within Burnley meaning you benefit from local knowledge and convenience whilst also working with an agency who have national reach and access to pursue any investigation across the UK.

As the largest private investigation company in the UK Burnley Detectives have access to resources and technology other agencies just don’t have, and the staffing body to undertake any size of investigation at any time.

Burnley Detectives will always keep you updated on any investigation underway to reassure you of progress and will provide a full report and robust evidence at the conclusion of their work with you.

Locations we cover in Burnley

At Burnley Detectives we appreciate that whilst national coverage is a huge benefit to any investigation service, its also reassuring to have a local point of contact and we have offices in most UK locations to provide our customers with this.

If you are located outside of these areas, it is still worth making contact with us as another one of our offices is likely to be able to provide you the services you require. 

How to access private investigation services in Burnley

You can contact Burnley Detectives using the below range of communication methods; whichever is most convenient to you!

As soon as you get in touch, a representative will call you for an informal discussion about your needs and the solutions Burnley Detectives can provide.

There is also a contact form provided at the bottom of the page is this is preferable for you.

Burnley Detectives are available 24/7 and ready to help you whenever you need us.

Private Investigator Burnley Costs

The specific cost will depend on the package of services you require and that will best meet your needs and an advisor will make you fully aware of pricing before your investigation commences. However, below is a guide to the types of costs you can expect from Burnley Detectives:

People tracing services from £99 to £389.

Surveillance ranging from £389 to £780.

GPS Tracking Devices from £99 to £988.

Lie Detector Testing from £450 per test.

Corporate Investigations starting from £740.

Bug Sweeping Services starting from £998.

Why hire a private detective in Burnley?

There are all sorts of reasons that people require the services of a private investigation agency.

Private individuals may want to gain information on a person following concerns raised by their behaviours or actions, to obtain evidence to support difficult divorce or child custody proceedings, or to ascertain if a partner is being unfaithful.

Businesses may need to find out more about an employee, associate or competitor. They may require an objective investigation to be carried out regarding potential fraud within the company or an employee who has been on long term sick and whom they suspect is falsely claiming illness or injury.

A person may have gone missing or off the radar and you need to find them to check on their welfare, recoup debts owing or to proceed with legal action.

Burnley Detectives can provide in depth and targeted investigation into whatever area of concern or need you have and produce irrefutable evidence of conclusions drawn.

Burnley Detectives have access to technology and information not available to  private individuals or businesses not operating in the field of private investigation and a specialist team of highly trained private investigators to achieve results that surpass any outcome amateur investigation could possibly obtain.

What benefits can my business see from hiring you?

Burnley Detectives ensure all of their investigators are fully trained in and compliant with all aspects of the law governing private investigation meaning that you can feel confident that your business will not be subject to any legal challenge or recrimination.

Burnley Detectives will keep you fully updated about an investigation as it progresses and will provide you with a professional report and evidence following all work undertaken for you.

Burnley Detectives are the most established and experienced private investigation agency in the UK so you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest level of quality and competence in any investigation we undertake for you.

Burnley Detectives have UK wide coverage as well as local offices throughout the country, including Burnley; no investigation is too small or too big for us to manage and we can follow any investigation to wherever it leads.

Burnley Detectives are the experts in corporate and employee investigation and guarantee swift and conclusive results.

Do you help law firms in Burnley?

Burnley Detectives have experience of working with legal firms on a regular basis and are happy and able to undertake any service required by a legal firm in Burnley.

Burnley Detectives can provide process serving, people tracing or background checking at short notice and with expedient results for any legal firm and appreciate the pressures and demands within this field of work.

Burnley Detectives have supported many legal firms across the UK to gain the results their clients need.

Are private investigators legal?

Private investigation is a respected and legal practice in the UK; private investigation reports and evidence may be used with courts and legal proceedings.

There are legal frameworks within the UK that private investigation must comply with, and these are mainly dictated by The Human Rights Act 1998, GDPR, The Freedom of Information Act 2020 and The Data Protection Act 20218 amongst others.

Reputable private investigation agencies will ensure all of their agents practice within these legal confines and that no breaching of these occur throughout your investigation. 

Burnley Detectives private investigations are fully legally compliant and undertaken with the greatest regard for this.

What can a private investigator legally do?

Private investigators have a broad range of legitimate investigative options available to them and utilise their training, skills and experience to maximise the outcomes achieved through these. 

Legally, a private investigator can undertake background checks, research a person through information records and databases held on them, review social media and clarify identity and personal details.

A private investigator is legitimately able to undertake covert surveillance of an individual, use surveillance equipment and gather photographic evidence to support findings.

Physical enquiries and contact with persons involved with or associated with the individual can be conducted in a discreet and undetectable manner with no legal requirement for the subject to ever be aware.

Under certain criteria it is legal for a private investigator to use GPS vehicle tracking.

A private investigator can trace a person who has gone missing or is in hiding whilst remaining fully legally compliant.

Private Investigator FAQs

How soon can my investigation start?

Right now!! Burnley Detectives are available and ready to start your investigation on a 24/7 basis.

How much do private investigation services from Burnley Detectives cost?

The exact cost will depend on the services and package you require but a guide to pricing is provided above.

A representative will make you fully aware of all costs before work starts for you.

Why can’t I investigate someone myself?

Private individuals or businesses not operating in the field of private investigation simply don’t have the access to information, resources, experience and skills to undertake private investigation at a level that achieves the results required and the robustness of evidence needed to support this.

There are complex legal frameworks around private investigation in the UK and an individual or company risks breaching these and committing an illegal act if they try to undertake investigation themselves which could result in hefty legal penalties.

What happens when I contact Burnley Detectives?

A consultant will get in touch for a non-obligation chat with you about your situation and to explore your needs. They will then advise you of the solution Burnley Detectives can provide and the costs associated with this. It is entirely your decision whether you then proceed.

Will I receive information about the investigation?

Of course! Burnley Detectives will update you frequently throughout the investigation and will provide a professional report and photographic evidence at the conclusion of every piece of work we undertake for you.

Will Burnley Detectives be able to help me?

Definitely! There is no situation that we do not have experience of, and no investigation is too small or too big for us to take on. Contact us now to find out exactly how we can help you today.

How can I hire Burnley Detectives?

Burnley Detectives operate 24/7 and can get started on investigation for you on an immediate basis. We provide a quick and simple process to getting a service in place for you and our helpful representatives will guide you fully through this.

Just contact Burnley Detectives through any of the above listed methods or use the contact form situated at the bottom of the page and we will get in touch to get the ball rolling!

Burnley Detectives are ready to speak to you now and look forward to providing you with an efficient and unrivalled professional investigation service.

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